eLAWo'13 - eLearning Africa Workshop 2013 - Exchange Semester for Engineers - General Engineering Technology Course

Exchange Semester for Engineers
Free for Students from THD Partner Universities
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Exchange Semester for Engineers - General Engineering Technology Course

Starting in October 2013, Technische Hochschule Deggendorf (THD) will be offering a General Engineering Technology course for English speaking students.

This course is a fully accredited exchange semester in which Bachelor students can complete one of their college semesters and earn up to 30 credits whilst learning German as a foreign language.

All lectures will be held in English. Additionally, students will attend lessons to learn the German language and also a tandem (bilingual) programme will be offered as a further linguistic support tool.

After completing an introductory orientation week with intercultural training, students may choose between various engineering subjects.

Students should choose between the following engineering subjects, to suit their respective studies in their regular universities. A minimum of 20 credits should be chosen.

Course Content General Engineering

Courses are subject to change without prior notice


Fundamentals of materials science and testing or
reliability and failure of electronic materials and device
2 2
Basics of digital hardware design 2 2
Basics of embedded system design (hardware) 2 2
Basics of electronic circuits 2 2
Database engineering 4 4
Project management 4 -
Programming in Java - 4
Basics of computer vision 2 4
Basics of software engineering / programming 2 2
Fundamentals of electrical engineering 2 or 4 2 or 4
Fundamentals of power electronics 2 or 4 2 or 4
German language 2 or 4 2 or 4
Intercultural training 1 1
Renewable energy - 3
Matlab course 3 3
Programming in C 5 -
Project Contaminated Sites 2 -
Construction with CAD 5 5
45 - 53 36 - 42

Lecture scripts, former exams and exercises will be made available in the THD’s E-learning system iLearn (moodle). This exchange semester will provide students with knowledge and experience in the German language. Participants will:

  • improve their vocabulary
  • learn complex grammatical structures
  • learn study-related subject vocabulary through studying in Germany
  • improve their oral fluency & understanding of the language in general everyday situations, as well as in the university, in an internship or in their professional life
  • learn about the geography of the German speaking countries

A German language course accompanies studies in all levels of capability (level A1-C1) and an official certificate for German as a foreign language (TestDaF) can be earned at the THD.


Students can qualify for this course if they have:

  • Completed at least 2 semesters in their regular university
  • A good to excellent knowledge of the English language (level B1-C1)

Prior knowledge of the German language is not required (but is desired).

Starting Date and Fees

The starting date is October 2013.

The course is free to bachelor students from THD partner universities - become a THD Partner University - contact us!

Accommodation and support

Deggendorf University has an International Office which takes care of all international students, has information on scholarships and assists in any questions regarding courses, visa issues and other questions. They also provide an airport/train station pick-up service and assistance in finding accommodation in one of the student residential parks.

Furthermore, the International Office organizes an “Orientation Week” which is held two weeks before the start of term and is obligatory for all international students to help them prepare for the course and the college way of life.

During the obligatory Orientation Week, the International Office provides help with the following:

  • Registering with the town council
  • Obtaining a residence permit
  • Enrolling in university
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Getting health insurance

They also organize:

  • A welcome party
  • An annual “International Week” to celebrate global culture and cuisine
  • A host family programme
  • Discussion rounds and other events

Additionally, the AKI Club International e.V, together with the THD’s International Office, organize many activities. For example:

  • A guided tour of the campus
  • A guided tour of Deggendorf
  • A visit to the town museum
  • BBQ and cinema evenings
  • One day trips to Munich, Passau, etc.
  • Weekend trips to Berlin, Hamburg, etc.
  • Cooking courses


The application period for the Winter Semester starting in October 2013 is 1st April 2013 - 1st June 2013 - CLICK HERE TO APPLY

For inquiries concerning application and studying at the THD please contact:

Lisa Hirtreiter

Ms. Lisa Hirtreiter - Director of International Student Affairs

Lisa is happy to answer any related inquiries.

For inquiries concerning course details and general coordination please contact

Lisa Hirtreiter Ms. Kathrin Krinninger - Career Service